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“Visions of Peace” – Photography Contest of Solidarity

The Photographic contest "Visions of Peace" is organized by the no profit organization SBS per il Sociale Onlus and the Cultural Association of Photographic Arts 42mm in occasion of the international events for Peace organized from the 21, the UN International Day of Peace, and the 25 of September, day of the March for Peace and Brotherhood between People Perugia - Assisi. This year celebrates the 50th anniversary of the March and this event is part of the celebrations of the Anniversary of Unit of Italy and the European Year of Volunteering.

The main goal that SBS per il Sociale pursues with this event is to raise funds to finance the building of a drinkable water well in a rural village of Mali. This project is an integral part of the activities of SBS per il Sociale Onlus that operates in fund raising field to finance directly small projects related to sustainable development, solidarity and humanitarian activities in Italy and in the world.

SBS per il Sociale Onlus and 42mm will realize an exhibition to consider how to live “Peace” in the daily life as an alternative to war and a way to share thoughts and values.

The objective of the photographic contest is to analyze, reflect and share a concrete idea of Peace discovering a way to achivie it in the real world.
We want to revive the awareness of “Peace" as common good, a need that must comes true in the daily practice of human being and that is not only intended as an ideal and abstract concept.

Our hope is to propose original and evocative images, suggesting a possible solution and a real process of Peace.
For the subject of the contest and the analysis that
Paolo Pellegrin, reporter of Magnum Photos Agency and president of our jury, gives us about the war and the social journalism, we decided to dedicate this event the those journalists and reporters that risk their life telling stories of war, giving us a witness of its horrors.

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